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Why Google should buy Volkswagen.

Why Google should buy Volkswagen. And why the Volkswagen Brand will benefit immediately.

One of the worlds biggest and most valuable (*) brands turned out to be a cheater. Volkswagen cheated with software, to keep up with the demands of legislation for a better environment. Vee-Double-U has always been the ‘reliable one’. Down to earth, the incarnation of ‘Made in Germany’. Until a couple of months ago, when someone found out Volkswagen wasn’t playing by the book. The whole world is angry and shocked, stock dropped dramatically, board members had to resign, sales is on-hold in some countries and brand damage is done.
But Is this a ‘Brand Disaster’ or a blessing in disguise?

Personally, I think there is a great opportunity. An opportunity which will create a benefit for lot of companies, including Volkswagen. The opportunity? Google buys Volkswagen! Why?

First of all, Volkswagen is a bargain. Stock prices dropped dramatically from around € 250,- to € 118,- today. Same company, same assets same network for only half the price!

Second, the five biggest tech companies, Apple, Microsoft, Google, Cisco Systems and Oracle,  own over 460 billion dollar in cash (**). And have no clue what to do with it. It just piles up. Google’s part is about $ 64.4 billion. Enough to buy a significant part of Volkswagen.

Third, Google gets access to a great network for their own automotive ambitions. Knowledge, expertise, manufacturing plants, a great brand portfolio (yes, still) and a worldwide retail network.
Sounds great, but what’s in it for Volkswagen?

Back in 1995 someone already saw this coming.

An immediate cure for their problems. A takeover like this will distract everyone from ‘emission-gate’. New and positive energy will flood into the company. The ‘company where everyone wants to work’ owns te place and can easily turn the culture around.

From a branding perspective, Volkswagen turns from car manufacturer to mobility supplier. Together with Google, Volkswagen will provide both soft- and hardware to move people across the globe. Overnight from a dinosaur from the carbon age into a fresh technology company ready for the future. Which brand won’t change that fast and easily?

P.S. I am off, buying VeeDub stock!